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 Stephanie Lee Bourgeois is represented by Chicago Talent Network in Illinois and Milwaukee Talent Network in Milwaukee! She is a graduate of the Second City Chicago Conservatory Program, the Improv Program and the Writing Program, and The Comedy Clubhouse's One Group Mind Improv Program. She is a writer, director, actor and comedian performing stand up, musical comedy and improv in Chicago. Bourgeois, originally from New Mexico, is the creator of "Punk AF," a web series in which she writes, directs and stars. Bourgeois has written, directed and produced many sketches, comedy music videos and short films showcased under SLB FUNNIES.

BEST SHORT - Medusa Film Festival  Fifth Season  - 2021.png
SPOTLIGHT SILVER AWARD - Spotlight Short Film Awards - 2021.png
BEST FEMALE DIRECTOR - San Francisco Arthouse Short Festival - 2022.png
BEST MICRO SHORT - London Indie Short Festival - 2021.png
Best Short Comedy - Rango Film Festival - 2022.png
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