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Updated: Nov 7, 2023

You ever notice how things just disappear when you’re a kid? Like one day you're playing with your favorite "Simon" memory game and the next day it’s been replaced with an after school job? Like mom, I’m 9, where’s my National Geographic binder full of information on the Blue-footed Booby? And mom’s like, "looking at animal pictures all day doesn’t put food on the table, now go clean the windows at that family doctor's office across the street!"

Seriously, one day I came home and it was like my childhood was just gone. Out with yesterday’s garage sale.

A Few Things That Went Missing:

1. My National Geographic Binder (Over 100 inserts of different animals and stats)

2. My Simon memory game

3. My cat Mickey

4. My Porcelain Hand Ring Holder

5. My Great-grandmother’s Porcelain Head Figurine

6. Basically anything porcelain

7. My Toy Christmas Train

8. My Sega Saturn

9. A Dead Bird that I hid under my bed in third grade

10. The Telescope that I got from when the Nielsen Families made us sign in to watch TV

I often think about what happened to these things that were such a big part of my life as a kid. Did Mickey, the cat, ever cure his eye infection? Did my toy train - that I used to set up EVERY Christmas - finally go to heaven? Did my Sega Saturn ever actually work for the next family it went to? Did Nielsen ever stop spying on my television show preferences?

Who knows.

I guess these are the tough questions you must answer when you look back at your life.

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