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Updated: May 30, 2022

C - O - L - D

This place is too goddamned cold for me

It's May 27 and 50 degrees

This place is too goddamned cold for me

There were 29 years in the warm desert sun

With light and cacti and tans for everyone

Chile was hot and there many flies to swat

But that place got too goddamned old for me

A couple of summers near the north pole

Were spent without knowing a soul

Where salmon was king and I drank from a whiskey spring

But Denali wasn't goddamned right for me

5 months in the islands is where I learned how to swim

With sharks and lobster, but I couldn't find enough friends

St. Thomas wasn't goddamned right for me

A few years spent

aboard boats and yachts

I fished and learned how to tie expert knots

That pirate's life was fast and I screwed it all up

My early thirties weren't goddamned right for me

It's been a while now and I've tried keep warm

Living frigid for 8 months a year

But there ain't enough down in that Canada Goose

To keep me from sheddin' my tears

At some point I'll mosey

To the next big city and state

Lookin' for my people and some place with a lot less weight

'Cause out there somewhere, yonder and far between

Is a city of emerald, magic or sin

That's just goddamned right for me.

..... Just gotta find it.

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