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Updated: Nov 7, 2023

I wanna get away

I wanna head out of this city

I wanna run to the hills with my arms in the air and my tits unstrapped

No bra, linen shirt, breeze brushing through my hairy pits

I wanna stand barefoot in the grass

Where sharp blades slice between my clammy toes

Feeling fresh, cold, wet, black soil curling up against my heated arch

I wanna dance and twist in the high wheat fields

Out there where the amber sunset blinds my eyes like sharp stings

But I keep looking, for those sharp stings pinch my soul and remind me to be more


I wanna smell the crispy, crisp air

That air with the wondrous ability to refresh my spirit

To set me free

I wanna sit on the frame of an old abandoned Ford

Stuck out in the middle of nowhere

Full of rust and mud and memories

Laughing with friends and drinking bathtub moonshine

I wanna sit on that frame for hours

Until it’s so dark that I can’t see my hand in front of my face

Until every little murmur

Echoes off of every little thing around me

I wanna crawl back to the campsite

Laughing and giggling and afraid

as I whisper to a friend, “What was that?!”

And “SHHHHH! I think it’s over there!”

I want real time in real time

And I want your face in my FaceTime

And I want the sunshine

FUCK! I want the fucking sunshine!

But mostly,

I want to sit in the dirt with my friends

I want to tell them how much I love them

And with every laugh and every joke

I’ll show them



Is our time together

Our time


In the woods.

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